Beach Day


It’s December, they say. It’s cold, they say.

Well, the weather is kind of weird here, and last week I went to the beach. Not to get a tan or anything. Just to chill. Going to the beach at night it’s probably one of my favorite things to do.
The water was strangely warm and good for a swim – that didn’t happen though.
Me, my sister and her boyfriend, brought the dogs along and they had the blast – and also a swim.

The whole scenario was gorgeous. Check this out (excuse the massive amout of filters, I was testing them out ) :

Take care, be happy.
Have a lovely week

Yours truly


Makeup haul


A couple of days ago, I ordered a few things from two stores: MUA and E.L.F.
I’m very happy with my purchases and I can’t wait to try them out. They are very basic and very simple because I’m starting to buy my own makeup and getting in into the world of makeup and all that jazz. I’m no expert what so ever in makeup and I’m now just, with 18 years old, buying my own makeup kit.
My go to everyday makeup is very simple and basically “not existance”, if you know what I mean. (Soon revealed on a blog postJ)
On to the products:

From MUA

From E.L.F.

Have a lovely week.
Yours truly,

Nike Blazer

I went shopping the other day and there was a massive sale on the Nike store.
I got in and I saw these beautiful sneakers that were LITERALLY screaming at me. I got a really good deal out of it and I was kind of in need of pair anyways.
They are grey and black and the inside is white. They are gorgeous.

NIKE BLAZER (similar)

Yours truly,


My favorite song at the moment



Get excited for an everyday makeup routine.
Have a lovely week :)

Yours truly,

My fitness motivation


Sports are a very important element in our lives so is very important to have a certain weekly schedule to keep us on the go!
I find it very hard to have time and motivation to work out, and believe me I’ve tried a few sports myself and came to an obvious that I pretty much suck at it.
To keep myself on track, I created an account on this cool page called PumpUp and its so rade.
It’s basically this app ,similar to Instagram, but just with workout and sport pictures to keep you motivated, and the best part is that it has a section where you can have your schedule and decided what workout you want to do. Then it has this woman or a man doing an exercise and you just do with it.
If you are like me and have a ton of apps on your phone to help your exercise, get over it and try this one out because it’s really amazing.
In terms of food, I suggest We Heart It and search for healthy food. Trust me you will want to try them out and soon you be over with Burger King (hopefully)

That’s about it, hope you guys have enjoyed it.
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Lots of love.
Yours truly,


Studio apartment.


Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted my very own space. I've always enjoyed being independent and having my own responsabilities.
I turned 18 in April and I thought it was time for that. Time to live away, enjoying life and get my independence on the go. My parents were not fans of this idea. For them, I'm still very young and with no sense of independence. I wanted to give it a go but their thoughts remained the same. So I had an idea.
My house as two floors in which are both occupated. Myself and my parents live on the first floor and my sister and her boyfriend live on the second floor. On the back of my house , there's two tiny little "houses" (I don't even know what to call that) and one of then has no use or purpose. In my mind that would be the perfect studio that I always wanted.
So, I'm going to leave my house without actually leaving it. That's great.
So, prepare yourselves for homeware hauls, DIYs, tours, and all that good stuff that I can't wait to show you.

Get excited.

Yours truly,



One of my favorite things in the world is watching the sunset and the sunrise. It's so relaxing.
On Sunday, I went out with the family and the sun was absolutely beautiful that I had to share it.

Have a happy week.

Yours truly,

College drama.

I graduated from high school a couple of months ago, so it was that time in my life when I had to make a huge decision - go to college or get a job. 
I've studied Languages and Humanities for the past 3 years and I really liked it. I knew for sure that I wanted to go to college but at the same I was scare that I wasn't going to get in.
I did my college apllication 2 months ago and I only know the results (if I get in or not) on 8th of September. I'M FREAKING OUT
I'm almost one million percent sure that I'm not going to college this year and it makes me very sad because I worked so hard these past 3 years.
The drama is that, if I don't go to college this year, I have absolutely no idea of what I'm going to do with my life. There is not job opportunities in Portugal, that's for sure, and I can't find anything without a college degree so. 
We'll see how it goes.
Mind talking...

Your's truly,



I went shopping the other day and got a bit crazy. Everything was on sale and I tought I could take the opportunity of buying a few more thing for summer. I end it up shopping in two stores and not so summer related.
The first shop I went was Zara. I was just interesting on buying parfumes so I went straight to that section. I purchase three of then for a very good deal.
I really love these fragrances because they either work for summer and winter, they smell like fresh and the best part, you don't get tired of it.
I bought Zara White, Zara Black and Zara Rio de Janeiro and I'm really happy with them.

The next stop was Strandivarius and I got a bit carried away. I got a few summer clothes but most of it was fall/winter stuff.
The first thing I got was this black long skirt and I absolutely love it. It's not very attached to your body so it's very fresh and comfy. It was on sale and I got for 7.99€.

I wasn´t very sure what to use with the skirt and I was searching for a matching t-shirt or something. I end it up finding this top that is very loose and sliveless for 3,99€.

The FALL/WINTER part *woop woop*, because that's what you need when it's a million degrees outside (DAH). As strange as it is, it was also on sale so I purchase a few swearters in different colors, all of then for 7,99€ a piece.

I also bought a blue navy scarf because I tought it was cute and it matches the sweaters. i got it on sale for 3.99€.

My favorite part is the jewelry section and unfortunately this wasn't on sale. I bought a necklace that I love so much and that I can't stop wearing. It's a three piece necklace with gold, rose gold and pearls.

Last but not least, we have rings. I really like gold ring and mid ring fingers, so these were the perfect buy. I love the way they fit and match everything.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. Feel free to comment anything and also follow me on me social media.
That's it.

Yours truly,


Sunday in the mountains


Last Sunday, me and my family decide to go on a road trip to my grandmom hometown. It was a couple of hours away from our house, and even knowing that it's a long trip, on a tight road and on 40 degrees celsius, I wouln't mine going there every weekend.

I considerate this place my hometown as well because I grew coming here every summer, simply enjoying the view and play until I don't stand on my feet anymore. If you like me and you enjoy the mountains, the wild, the farmers, I know you would love this place. This place is probably the most quiet place I have ever been in my entire life.

This used to be a very small village and as the water goes down the hill you can actually see some house structures. This place is now a dam.
It felt good spending some quality time with the family and I can't wait to go there again, specially on the winter because it's snows.
It's good to feel the fresh air and clear your mind. This trip was pretty much about that, chilling.
We brought the dogs as well and it was so much fun. By the end of day they could barely walk because they were so exausted.

Anyway, this is it. Feel free to comment anything ;)
Yours truly.