I went shopping the other day and got a bit crazy. Everything was on sale and I tought I could take the opportunity of buying a few more thing for summer. I end it up shopping in two stores and not so summer related.
The first shop I went was Zara. I was just interesting on buying parfumes so I went straight to that section. I purchase three of then for a very good deal.
I really love these fragrances because they either work for summer and winter, they smell like fresh and the best part, you don't get tired of it.
I bought Zara White, Zara Black and Zara Rio de Janeiro and I'm really happy with them.

The next stop was Strandivarius and I got a bit carried away. I got a few summer clothes but most of it was fall/winter stuff.
The first thing I got was this black long skirt and I absolutely love it. It's not very attached to your body so it's very fresh and comfy. It was on sale and I got for 7.99€.

I wasn´t very sure what to use with the skirt and I was searching for a matching t-shirt or something. I end it up finding this top that is very loose and sliveless for 3,99€.

The FALL/WINTER part *woop woop*, because that's what you need when it's a million degrees outside (DAH). As strange as it is, it was also on sale so I purchase a few swearters in different colors, all of then for 7,99€ a piece.

I also bought a blue navy scarf because I tought it was cute and it matches the sweaters. i got it on sale for 3.99€.

My favorite part is the jewelry section and unfortunately this wasn't on sale. I bought a necklace that I love so much and that I can't stop wearing. It's a three piece necklace with gold, rose gold and pearls.

Last but not least, we have rings. I really like gold ring and mid ring fingers, so these were the perfect buy. I love the way they fit and match everything.

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That's it.

Yours truly,