Studio apartment.


Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted my very own space. I've always enjoyed being independent and having my own responsabilities.
I turned 18 in April and I thought it was time for that. Time to live away, enjoying life and get my independence on the go. My parents were not fans of this idea. For them, I'm still very young and with no sense of independence. I wanted to give it a go but their thoughts remained the same. So I had an idea.
My house as two floors in which are both occupated. Myself and my parents live on the first floor and my sister and her boyfriend live on the second floor. On the back of my house , there's two tiny little "houses" (I don't even know what to call that) and one of then has no use or purpose. In my mind that would be the perfect studio that I always wanted.
So, I'm going to leave my house without actually leaving it. That's great.
So, prepare yourselves for homeware hauls, DIYs, tours, and all that good stuff that I can't wait to show you.

Get excited.

Yours truly,



One of my favorite things in the world is watching the sunset and the sunrise. It's so relaxing.
On Sunday, I went out with the family and the sun was absolutely beautiful that I had to share it.

Have a happy week.

Yours truly,

College drama.

I graduated from high school a couple of months ago, so it was that time in my life when I had to make a huge decision - go to college or get a job. 
I've studied Languages and Humanities for the past 3 years and I really liked it. I knew for sure that I wanted to go to college but at the same I was scare that I wasn't going to get in.
I did my college apllication 2 months ago and I only know the results (if I get in or not) on 8th of September. I'M FREAKING OUT
I'm almost one million percent sure that I'm not going to college this year and it makes me very sad because I worked so hard these past 3 years.
The drama is that, if I don't go to college this year, I have absolutely no idea of what I'm going to do with my life. There is not job opportunities in Portugal, that's for sure, and I can't find anything without a college degree so. 
We'll see how it goes.
Mind talking...

Your's truly,