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My fitness motivation


Sports are a very important element in our lives so is very important to have a certain weekly schedule to keep us on the go!
I find it very hard to have time and motivation to work out, and believe me I’ve tried a few sports myself and came to an obvious that I pretty much suck at it.
To keep myself on track, I created an account on this cool page called PumpUp and its so rade.
It’s basically this app ,similar to Instagram, but just with workout and sport pictures to keep you motivated, and the best part is that it has a section where you can have your schedule and decided what workout you want to do. Then it has this woman or a man doing an exercise and you just do with it.
If you are like me and have a ton of apps on your phone to help your exercise, get over it and try this one out because it’s really amazing.
In terms of food, I suggest We Heart It and search for healthy food. Trust me you will want to try them out and soon you be over with Burger King (hopefully)

That’s about it, hope you guys have enjoyed it.
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