My skincare routine


Welcome back.

Today I am bringing you something I have been struggling since I started having acne. I have tried every single products there is and I think this has been working very well for me.

I never had very severe acne. A few spots and scars but nothing extreme.
I can tell you that my skin has improved 70%. These products are not severe and strong on your skin and are very hydrating.

Without further do, let's get started,

Step #1: Cleanse

This Nivea Cleanse is really soft on your skin. It's designed for dry and sensitive skin. It's not very evasive and removes for makeup very well. For apllying this cleanse your skin fells super hydrated.

Step #2: Tonic

After cleaning and removing my makeup, I go ahead and apply some tonic. This is a soft one, removing whatever wasn't removed by the cleanse. It makes your skin feeling super fresh and smooth.

Step #3: Moisturise

I use Nivea Soft in the morning because it's more gentle and less thick. It's very hydrating and smooth on your skin.

This Nivea Creme is very thick so I choose to apply this one at night. It does the same job as the previous one but because it's way more thick and takes more time to dry, I prefer leaving it to dry during the night,

That's it for my Skincare Routine. Hope you enjoy.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay true to yourself, Love yourself.

Yours truly,