My summer '15


College has officially started so that automatically means that summer is over. Therefore, here are some photos I took along my summer break.

I love fall.
What's your favorite season?
Yours truly,

Rimmel BB Cream 9-IN-1 : Review


I was never a fan of foundation or concealers. It just doen't suit me well. 
I started having acne when I was about 13/14 and to cover something, I would apply just a tiny bit of foundation on my problemetic areas and call it a day. I'm more into natural looks than more rough ones and foundation made me look like a clown at the age of 13. That was until about 3 years ago when I started to get more into make up and found out BB Cream and let me tell you that I haven't use anything else since them.
The first BB Cream that I tried was Rimmel BB Cream 9 in 1 and it is amazing. It lasted me months because just a tiny bit of product on your face does the trick. Gosh, I love this.
This primes, moisturises, minimises pures, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect. It does wonders to your skin and it's just amazing. Usually I get some sort of reaction when I use heavy products on my face but not with this one. Another great thing about Rimmels BB cream is that has SPF 25 which helps prevent the sun from your face.
I tottaly recommend this and total guarantee you won't regret.

Enjoy your weekend.
Yours truly,

Phone case collection


I find phone cases very fun to buy. It gives your plain white phone some texture. 
I found this website that sells phone cases super cheap + free shipping. Some of these costed me just a few cents.

go check it out on

New post on friday!
Stay tuned.
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College OOTD


Leather jacket - PimKie
T-shirt - H&M (similar)
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Nike

Have a great week !
Yours truly,

#LifewithM: College experience - first year


I have decided to start a blog series called Life with M so that I can, sort of, explain and give you advice on some life experiences, such as college, high school, bulling (any subject I can think of). I’m not trying to give anyone a lecture or anything like that. These are just things that I wish someone had told me before.
So let’s begin with something that can change your future forever: college. I have friends that say is the best day of their lives, others the worst. Some are dealing with some pretty bad nightmares while others are just loving the dream. I’m in between these two.
Starting with pre-college, I don’t think anyone is fully prepared to choose our path in life, that being Math or English and for sure my high school teachers weren’t such helpers. In high school, at least in my case, teachers talk about college in such good and positive way that I guess I kind of went with the wrong idea of it. All I thought college was going to be, turned out to be something completely different.
During the economic crisis here in Portugal, it is almost mandatory to choose your degree based on the future job you can get or what your country needs than choosing a degree based on what you love. My advice number one is to choose a degree on something you love instead of a degree that will make you gain money. People are genuinely more productive and successful if they are something they enjoy doing.
College is not easy. It’s not made with a blink of an eye. It takes time for you to adjust to the pressure of delivering essays every week and having to spend two nights in a row without going to bed. Well, shit happens and things need to be done. So, my tip number two is: people, don’t leave everything for the last minute. All the non-sleeping days in my college curriculum so far were due to procrastination and thinking that I had time. If there is something that I’ve learned is that time is priceless and take every minute of it. Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Please don’t. That is for sure a mistake I kept doing.
Make sure you are always on track of everything. Get a planner. Make sure you a To Do List above your desk just to double check your projects. That for sure helped me get organized. Study daily. Don’t leave the 20000 pages of your English book to read on the last week. Ask yourself questions during your study and make sure that you can answer them without looking at your notebook.
Enough with choosing your degree and hard studying procedures, let’s talk about “the social part” of college. I’m a very social awkward person and definitely not a party girl. I don’t know any clubs and bars around my college campus and you know what? I don’t really want to. And honestly, neither should you. Getting drunk and high should be the last thing in your college bucket list. It’s ridiculous and disgusting the necessity people have to get high and wasted these days. Not saying you shouldn’t have fun every once in a while but don’t make this a routine. Instead join some team or something. College has much more to offer then just parties.  
Being completely honest, I’m not loving or hating college. It’s not being the most extraordinary experience of my life like I thought it was going to be but, just like everything in life, nothing is perfect. In the end, I always try to remember myself why I’m doing this and what I really want for my future. Try to keep yourself motivated.
You will meet people that will change your life and that’ll be your buddies forever. You will eventually realize why you are doing this. College is about making memories and creating.
I hope my moments are soon to come.
Here’s to second year.
Yours truly,