Hello, I'm Mónica and I don't have a religion


I was born and raised in a (very) catholic family where God as a superior being is an ordinary thing to talk about.
My questions and doubts whether God is real and bible studying started very early. I was six when during Easter celebration, I looked at my mom and said: “Mom, this doesn’t really make any sense”. I was immediately shushed. The idea of having a superior being above us all, The “Virgin” Mary, hell and heaven, are topics that don’t really make sense to me and that I don’t believe. Trying to explain this perspective to my family is very hard as I’m often considered to be wrong.
In 7th grade, I had physics for the first time and totally loved it. The origin of the universe, theories and concrete proofs of scientific status and learning about them, that’s when everything clicked and made sense.
Nowadays my believes are stronger. I’m in college taking a degree on Cultural Studies, which most of the subjects are based on philosophy so I find myself questioning a lot of things. Religion is one of the many topics. What makes people think that what they are thinking and believing is the right thing and I’m the wrong one? If there’s a God and he is as perfect as told, why are there so many imperfections in the world?
From a very young age I’ve never really enjoy to raise my hopes up to high. I like to think positively but realistically, so that everything that I accomplish or have accomplished is from hard working and not because of God thought it was the right thing for me. People don’t get over cancer because of prayers, it’s because of science.
One time, this far away aunt came to talk to me and she asked me if I believed in God and I said no. She tried to make me confused and talk to me out of it. I doesn’t make any sense to me – I kept saying. Then she said “have you ever seen a monkey turn into a human” and very annoyed I answered “because Adam and Eve makes sense and logic?!” – This is the thing I hate the most, the taught me out of it as if I’m the wrong one.
I believe in science, I believe in evolution. I don’t believe that young people die because God need another angel. I don’t like the idea of having a superior being ordering for us and giving us cancer to teach as life lessons.
I believe in myself and in humanity. I believe that the good is yet to come and that we should focus on doing what’s good based up on us and not someone else’s.
Yours truly,