Shirt -Stradivarius
Coat - C&A
Jeans - Springfield
Boots - local shoe store

Have a lovely weekend!
Yours truly,

My desk area

It is very important to have a nice working space, a least for me. I am someone who needs to have a clear and functional working space other wise I won't be very productive.

When I remodel my bedroom, I wanted simplicity and functionality yet something cozy and nice. My desk area was for sure my favorite part to design.

My top shelves are from IKEA and on it I have some books, baskets, pictures and fairy lights that I got from Primark for 3€.

Down my shelves, I have some boards with pictures, notes and other things that in a way make me feel motivatided and inspired, That deer on the left is from Primark and the rest of the photos are either post cards or draws.

On the actual desk, I keep a few notebooks, either for blog ideas, for college or for random purposes. Then I have my laptop and mouse pad and a lamp.

This set of 6 drawers is from IKEA that it is amazing because it pretty much fits everything you need and want to keep away. My chair and pillow are also from IKEA (surprise) and it's actually very confortable to have in a desk space.

Next to my desk area, I used to a white plain wall that really didn't have a purpose, so I just hanged a few dreamcatchers and other decor pieces.

So, what do you think?
Cool, not cool ?!

Yours truly,