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My current skincare routine


I keep on changing m skincare care routine because I really enjoy trying out new products. Currently I have been loving these 5 products and also have been seeing great results.

I find it very hard to find a lotion that hydrates my skin for a long period of time. On top of giving great hydration it also softens the skin and and improves skin texture and tone. It's great.

This is the bomb. I use this exfoliator daily and because it has antibacterial ingredients it has a faster effect and action. It deep cleans your face and leaves it very smooth.

I use this toner immediatly after I scrub and to remove anything that the exfoliater left behind. It controls shine and prevents any blackheads to show up.

Recently I started a vegetarian diet and with that I wanted to try out more natural skincare products. I came across this product on my local supermarket and decided to give it a try. I only use it 2-3 times a week in the shower. This product has a very deep and strong cleaning so use it more than 3 times a week my be to much. I love it because my makes my skin super soft from the honey component that it has,

5 - Coconut oil

Well, I feel like there is no explanation needed to descrive this product. It has great benefits for your skin and is totally natural. Its amazing and the only moisturising I have been using for the past 5 months.

That is it!
Let me now what's your favorite skincare product!
Yours truly,

A day in the life - University edition


Hello everybody and welcome to another post.

Today I decided to tell you all about what a typical day at university looks like to me.
My days varies a lot because I have different days/classes everyday (shitty schedule). So I’ll give you two sides of the story: one when I have 3 classes a day and the other when I have only one!
My busy days usually begins at 6:30 a.m  when I get up, get ready and leave the house on a constant rush to catch the 7:47 a.m train to college. After a 40 minute train journey I need to catch the bus to the college campus and 15 minutes later, I finally arrive. By this time is usually 8:45 a.m and my first class begins at 9 a.m. On a busy day I usually have English or Italian, business and history, depending on the day. I’m free for lunch at 1 p.m and is usually a rush – quick lunck, library, copies, library – and then into class once again. Shortly after, my afternoon kicks off with a 3 hour of some boring class. After the longest day, I’m done with classes by 6 p.m and 1 hour and 30 minutes later I’m back home where normally I need to study more.
The shortest days are ridiculous. I spend more time on the journey to college than I spend in class. I have classes from 2-4 p.m and it happen to be English.

College is very hard and very minute is precisous.
Two more weeks and I can finally rest my brain and relax for a couple of month.
I can’t believe that I’m about to enter my senior year and graduate in about a year. So crazy how time flies.

Stay safe and study hard.
Yours truly,