Studio ideas - Living room


Welcome to the second part of my studio ideas.

I'm dealing with a studio with 322 square feet and as you can imagine the kitchen is right next to the living room. I'm still trying to figure out the layouts and stuff but these pics show how I'm imagining things to be.

Boho and classy and soooo pretty.
Neutrals with some pop of color.

Yours truly,

Favorite outfits - Karlie Kloss


Fall is around the corner ! YAAASSSS

I love Karlie's style so here are some of my favorite casual fall outfits:

Love Love Love
Yours truly,

Summer 2016


Summer is over and sadly so are the holidays!

Here's a recape of my summer

Happy back to work/school
Yours truly,

Studio ideas - Kitchen

Hello everybody! Long time no see.

Well, the plans for my studio are finally moving foward and I can't wait to show you the process.
Everything is still very raw and a lot of construction needs to be done so, my job for now is to think about the decor and design that I want. And let me tell, it's quite hard.

My favorite room in every house is always the kitchen so let's start with that, shall we?

I'm a big fan of subway tile, simplicity and bohemian so I'm incorporating all of these together.

Here are some ideias that I took from Pinterest:

I like the idea of not having upper cabinets and replacing those with sheves instead. For countertop, well I LOVE WOOD so wood it is! I also thing that white farm sink look gives it a very cool vibe.

What do you think ?

Stay tuned for more.
Yours truly,