Green smoothie recipe


What you will need:

- Baby spinach (hand full)
- 2 frozen bananas
- Almond milk (1 1/2 cups)
-Acai (to taste)
- Spirulina (1 tsp)

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My christmas tree


Hey people.

Thought about sharing in here what my Christmas tree looks like this year!

Nice, huh?
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Favorite TV Show - Girls

Hey guys.

Today I am going to be talking about one of my favourite things in the entire world: TV series. This one in particular as conquered my heart : GIRLS - It is not your typical friday night TV show, as it's not ordinary at all, but I promise you that you will enjoy it.

This show is about 4 girls: Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna, and their daily struggle to figure out what they want in life, from men, jobs, houses, to their own personal issues. And this is what got me into this series. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is ever complete and fulfilled - like real life!

It's funny, emotional, sad and hilarious at points. It's also based in NYC, so what more can we ask for.

I can't wait for season 6 (and final season) on February 12th!

Have you seen Girls?
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christmas gift guide - for him


Vans mens shoes
€53 -

Mens shoulder bag
€31 -

Marshall men s accessory
€335 -

Ray Ban ray ban mens eyeglass
€155 -

Vans men s accessory
€25 -

Leather watch
€22 -

Christmas gift guide - for her


Red sweater
€31 -

Mansur Gavriel red handbag
€480 -

Skagen watch
€150 -

Choker necklace
€42 -

Ray-Ban retro glasses
€150 -

Dr Martens red beanie
€46 -

Christmas gift guide - sister


Ray-Ban clear glasses
€200 -

Macbook pro laptop case
€47 -

Palette eyeshadow
€40 -

Lip makeup
€38 -

Damselfly Candles scented candle
€65 -

christmas gift guide - dad


The north face mens jacket
€190 -

Timberland mens brown shoes
€105 -

Ted Baker mens zip wallet
€59 -

Jean Shop mens navy blue leather belt
€150 -

Ralph Lauren men s fragrance
€90 -

The Art of Shaving mens grooming
€81 -

Christmas Gift Guide - Mom


Sole Society suede booties
€57 -

Coach leather bag
€150 -

Sole Society man bag
€62 -

Michael Kors stainless steel jewelry
€145 -

Earring jewelry

Uniqlo scarve
€18 -

Favorite songs at the moment


What have been your favorite songs at the moment?

Take care.
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Studio Ideias - Bathroom


It is almost January which means it's almost time for the renovations in my studio to begin. The bathroom that I'm working with is the smallest in the game. These images show you what style I'm going for.

Fingers crossed I'll be able to work things out !

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Trends I have been loving


These photos are from Pinterest

Big Scarfs

Mom Jeans

Vans s8

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