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Stop what you are doing and hear me out. Clean & Clear is the bomb. Forget my last skincare routine. These two product that I am about to show you have changed my life. Of all the products I have tried so far, this brand really does the job nice.

I use both the face wash and lotion. Both contain salicylic acid, which is the type of acid that kill and tries to avoid any bacteria like acne, for example.

Step 1 - I take off my makeup with a cleansing water from Garnier with a cotton pad.

Step 2 - With a sponge or scrub, I apply the face wash to my face and rub it around my face - 2 in 1 as I clean and exfoliate my face at the same time. It as a mint touch to it and so it leaves my face super refreshing after,

Step 3 - Toner. I use a Yves Rocher one. It cleans whatever was left in my face that the wash didn't caught. Due to the great effect as the face wash, It rarely ever caughts anything.

Step 4 - After my face is dry from the toner, I apply the lotion. Both the wash and lotion are oil-free which means that prevents your face from getting super shiny after. Again, it leaves your face super fresh and smooth. Love it!

Step 5 - Pimple cream and eye cream.

Both products are very affordable and I use these products both and day and night.
Do you have any face masks recommendations? If so, let me know.

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