Mother's day gift guide 2017



Zizzi plus size long sleeve shirt
€28 -

Hollister Co. brown heeled sandals
€54 -

SOREL brown leather tote bag
€190 -

Pandora hinged bangle
€115 -

Marc Jacobs parfum fragrance
€105 -

PrimaDonna wooden home decor
€9,15 -

My favorite looks from Coachella 2017

Favorite outfits - Aspyn Ovard



Aspyn Ovard is one of my biggest inspirations so I decided to share with you some my favorite outfits that she wore.

Her clothing store website -

Yours truly,

Budget friendly beauty brands

Well, I don't really like to buy expensive things, specially makeup. So, I am always on a hunt  for brands that are cheap and goos. I came across these:

 Maybelline: Maybelline is the basic makeup brand that everybody uses and everybody loves, including me. From them I have their BB cream that *gasp* is the best thing ever. This is my 4th tube and I just can't get enough. I only use eyeshadow on special occasions because I don't have a lot a time to put everyday in the morning. BUT I love this pallete. It is super pigmented and fastastic. I also use the Maybelline Fit Me concealer that is probably one of my favorites ever,

Catrice: from Catrice I have a powder and a bronzer. Apart from being good and long lasting the product itself also lasts for a very long time. I also have their illuminating stick that is LIT.

ELF: I don't have a lot of products from Elf beacause there is not a store in Portugal and I pay a lot for shipping, but I love the products I bought, specially this corrective pallette, that OMG, is tthe best, It lasts a long time and the coverage is very good.

Primark: I love Primark lip products. I bought this matte lipstick for 1,50 € and I have used it ever since. YAS.

Do you have any more brands recommendations?
Yours truly,

Argan Oil and Vitamin C from Majestic Pure


After a long search for natural skin products that are actually affordable, I came across Majestic Pure. I was particullary looking for Argan Oil and vitamin C because I heard that those are the best natural oils for your skin (I bought both).

  • Argan Oil - It's a great oil that benefits both your hair, skin and nails. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I apply a few drops to a clean face and it leaves my ski super moisturised. This bottle of argan oil costs 14,95$.

  • Vitamin C - This serum is a great source to fight premature aging and UV damage. It also improves skintone and texture, leaving your skin smooth and even. I mix the serum, using 1-2 drops, together with the argan oil and it leaves my skin super radiant. This serum costs 17,50$

Yours truly,

Top 5 songs - April

Hey guys! Did you have a good Easter?

Today I am sharing my top 5 songs that I have been really enjoying this month.
Feel free to leave me any suggestions :)

Yours truly,

Oscars 2017 - Favorite dresses


Hey loves!

Did you guys freaked out over the Oscars like I did?

I selected a few of my favorite dresses! What's your favorite?

Speachless over these gorgeous look.
Yours truly,

Vans Old Skool



I have been wanting to get these shoes for as long as I remember so I took advantage of the fact that they were on sale and got them.

They are super confortable, they go with every outfit and most important (in my opinion :)), they keep your feet warm, specially during the rainy days that we have been having lately!

Yours truly,

How I like to spent my afternoon

Hey guys! Welcome back.
Here's is a list of a few things of how I like to spend my afternoon:

- Reading a book: recently I got my hands on 3 new books (sort of): Not That Kind of Girl (I wasn't enjoying reading it online so I bought it); The Little Book of Hygge; and 14,000 to be happy about. Books like these make me feel calm so it's always a nice choice.

- Drink tea: drinking tea is the sort of thing that I like to have to calm myself down. Typically, during my reading time, I also have tea. What is your favorite tea? Mine is Green Tea.

- Put on a face mask: during my quiet time in the afternoon, I like to put on a face mask! The on I got recently is from Yves Rocher and it's actually very nice and very affordable.


- Walk the dogs: I love walking my dogs and my dogs love being walked so ....

- Painting: I am so into painting! It makes me feel so peacefull. I suck at paiting but it makes me feel good so.... whatever.

How do you like to spend your afternoon?
Stay cool!
Be happy!
Yours truly,

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