DIY lip scrub



My lips get very dry during the winter so I decided to try a lip scrub. I looked for this in stores but that were a bit pricey so I tried to make my own.

What you need:

- Sugar
- Coconut oil
- Honey

Mix everything in a bowl and apply to your lips.

Yours truly,

Acai benefits

Hey people of the sun!

Today's post is all about health, ok? Acai, to be exact.

Since I began this healthy journey, I found myself in need of vitamins and ways to incorporate them in my daily basis.
Apart from spirulina (post here), I also started to use acai in my smoothies and/or yogurts.

Here's the list of benefits that you can get from using acai:
- Boosts and strengthens the immune system;
- Helps with weighloss and maintaining a healthy weight;
- Contains anti-aging proprieties;
- Promotes healthy skin;
- Improves mental clarity and function;
- Promotes energy and reduces fatigue;
- High vitamin A - improves vision;
- Cleanses and detoxifies the body;
- Supports healthy heart and blood, shown to prevent diseases sch as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Yours truly,

10 jobs you can have from home


I don't know about you but having a job that I can do from home is my ultimate professional goal ahaha.

So, this got me thinking about what kind of jobs are those! If you are like me, here is a list of 10 jobs you can have from home:

1- Blogger/vlogger;
2- Translator
3- Web developer/designer
4- Website tester
5- Online teacher
6- Virtual assistant
7- Online seller of an Etsy store
8- Direct sales person
9- Writer/Editor
10- Freelancer

Yours truly,

Studio ideas - bedroom


I selected a few photos from Pinterest as an inspiration for my future bedroom. What do you think?

Yours truly,

Currently reading: "Not that kind of girl"


A couple of weeks back I found online a Pdf file of "Not that kind of girl" by Lena Dunham and immediately started to read it - I think you can still find it online.

This book represents the experiences of the author herself in it's various ways: love, depression, weight, ... Almost as if it tells exactly the reality that you need to hear. It has an impact on your and makes you wonder about things. It's an autobiography, full of detail, adventures and moving experiences that represent the struggle of growing up.

Lena Dunham is also the producer and leading actress on the tv series "Girls" which is inspired on this book.

Yours truly,

Vegetarian recipe - pasta with veggies


Hey guys. How's it going?

I hope you had a great start to the year and let's go back to the reality. I have been stressed and extremely busy with college stuff but I have a 10 minutes break right know so why not post here?

Today I am sharing here one of my favorite recipes. It is vegetarian and also very tasty.

What you need:

- pasta of your choice
- red peppers
- mushrooms
- bechamel sauce

YES! It is that simple and YES, it is that good!

Stay humble and be happy.
Yours truly,